I had the birth I always dreamt of, and this is my story… I made very clear throughout my pregnancy that I wanted to have as natural a birth as possible. After all, this is what my body was made to do; I grew my baby without intervention, why should her journey into the world be any different? That being said, there was a little voice in the back of my mind persistently telling me that I wouldn’t be able to manage and would be screaming for all the drugs possible. this wasn’t helped by the many women who shared how horrific and painful their births were; these were women who I considered as far more capable than me to be able to birth their babies. I believed that if their birth experience was so horrific, then I’ve got an awful journey ahead of me. I anticipated that my dream of a natural birth would only ever be a dream. Towards the end of my pregnancy I got as much raspberry leaf tea on board as I could. I spent my evenings sitting on a gym ball rather than the sofa, whilst feasting on obscene amounts of pineapple. I wanted…

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