Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from the forum?

The forum is a place where you can find questions asked by others in the community, or, if your question hasn’t been asked yet, a place where you can ask the relevant expert. For example, if you had a question on paternal mental health, you would type your question in the box, select “paternal mental health” as your category, and our expert in paternal mental health will receive your question, enabling them to respond.

The forum is not an emergency line or an advice line (as these can only be provided by your medical team).  It is an open forum where our experts will provide general information in response to your question that aims to help you and may also help others who come to the forum later with the same, or a very similar, question.

What can I expect from the courses?

The Parent Education Company is designed to provide support, education, and community to those going through the transition into parenthood. We take a holistic approach and emphasize supporting physical, emotional, and mental health during this important time.

Traditional antenatal courses often focus on labour, birth, breastfeeding, and practical baby advice without considering other aspects of parenting preparation. The online, pre-recorded format of our courses allows you to learn without time constraints and return to course content when you need it.

All of our courses have been created by either a peer, who is an expert through their experience, a practitioner, who is an expert through their qualifications (e.g., a midwife, nutritionist, or lactation consultant), or a professional (e.g., a lawyer, GP, or gynaecologist).

You can see who created the course, which category they fall into, and the length of the course from the courses page on the platform. This way, you can choose which topic you want to learn more about based on your preferences and what is relevant to you in your journey through the transition into parenthood.

Finally, all courses have the option of subtitles for accessibility.

How are these courses delivered?

The courses are delivered in an online, pre-recorded format so you can dip in and out as you wish, come back and revisit if you want to, and take it at a pace that suits you and your partner or support person.

How long do the courses take?

This really depends, our hosts create courses that contain relevant and useful information in relation to their field of expertise. This could mean that a course takes an hour, or that it is much longer, around 8 hours. You can see the estimated completion time from the courses page so you can block out time in your (and your partner/support person’s if necessary) diary.

What can I expect from the monthly calls?

The monthly calls are with Emma, TPEC founder and Midwife. Within the call you will have the opportunity to ask a question and spend time getting to know others on the call.

Which topics are included on the platform?

Currently we have a midwife, nutritionist, lactation consultant, and paternal mental health expert on our platform who have courses on the site and are able to answer your questions in the forum. We are looking to expand this to include many more areas related to the transition to parenthood. If there is something specific that you would like us to include that isn’t yet included, please email and let us know. Please include “Host Suggestion” and your suggested topic in the subject heading so we can easily direct it to the relevant team member. For example, “Host Suggestion: Midwife”.

Is there a certain time that I should subscribe?

It is never too early or too late to subscribe, but our parents usually use the forum more in their first trimester, begin the courses during the second trimester at around 28 weeks, and enjoy connecting with people, asking questions, and sharing experiences in the weekly calls in their first and third trimester.

Some course elements require practice (like communication techniques), and the longer you have to do this, the more you will improve. Other course modules are best completed nearer the time of labour and birth, like what to pack in your hospital bag. Yet others are more relevant to a specific time in pregnancy, things like early pregnancy nutrition information for example is most relevant for the early stages of pregnancy.

Once you are subscribed, you can dip in and out as much as you wish during your transition to parenthood, engaging with the parts that feel most relevant to you at the time. You can revisit courses, modules, or forum questions if you feel like you need a refresher. You don’t have to attend a group call every week and may feel that the run up to labour and birth, or the first few weeks after birth, are when you want this level of support and community.

Who is the subscription for?

At The Parent Education Company, we believe knowledge is power. No matter what your pregnancy experience, the birth you have, how you feed your baby, or how you parent, having access to peers, practitioners, and professionals in your pocket, being able to access specific, relevant, up-to-date research, and the opportunity to meet others going through the transition to parenthood is the best start you can give to yourself and your family.

By combining several learning methods and with the ability to return to content when you need to, we guide you and your partner through the transition to parenthood at your own speed and from the comfort of your home.

How do I know what level of subscription is right for me?

There are a few things to consider when thinking about which level of subscription is right for you: 

  • Do you and your partner simply want a reliable place to find information on topics around the transition into parenthood and the opportunity to access online pre-recorded courses that give you specific information that relates to the topic you want to know more about?
If yes, the Basic subscription is what you are looking for.
  • Do you and your partner want the reassurance that you have a range of professionals at your fingertips, the ability to read through the questions already asked in the forum, plus ask your own if what you want to know hasn’t already been asked, as well as having access to the pre-recorded courses and our articles and resources?
If yes, the Plus subscription is the best fit for you.
  • Do you and your partner want the complete holistic package to provide you both with support, education, and community through your transition into parenthood? In addition to, access to all the courses and forum access you also feel that having that community to tap into once a month – a safe space where you can ask questions, share stories, and build connections with others also going through this transition into parenthood.
If yes, the Premium subscription is ideal for you.
Can I change my level of subscription if my wants or needs change?

Yes, absolutely. You are able to change your level of subscription from you dashboard. Your dashboard is your central console, from there you can see the questions you have submitted in the forum, the courses you are currently completing and have completed, the calendar for the weekly group calls with the ability to book those in, plus your profile and subscription information. 

Can I get any one-to-one support?

Yes, as part of the Premium subscription you can book into a group call each month with a member of TPEC. During that call you will have the opportunity to ask your question and talk with them directly. You can also join the group call if you don’t have a question and would rather just come for the socialising, community, aspect.

Where can I get more information?

If you can’t find the answer to your question on our website, feel free to contact us directly by emailing Please make sure you include your question in the email subject so that we can easily direct it to the relevant team member. For example: “Question: Postnatal Preparation”.