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Father’s Guide To Pregnancy, Birth and Mental Health

Father’s Guide To Pregnancy, Birth and Mental Health Antenatal During this period it can feel like a lot is changing, communication is key, talk to each about any concerns you may have and if you have any pregnancy related questions please be sure to ask a midwife. This is a brief guide of what to expect during pregnancy, birth and beyond compiled with content that i get asked on a regular basis from new and fathers to be. Talk to baby ensure you use your normal voice. Try and study parenting education, understanding as much as possible limits but won’t remove stress in the early days once baby is born, Talk to your partner about how you see things, we believe for some reason we have to agree on all things parentings but we do not start those conversations early so you can compromise. Prepare meals for the freezer. Know where baby and your partners things are so you can get extra if they stay in hospital and just for easiness once home. Take some time to rest before baby comes. Talk about mental health and discuss what to look out for in each other, ensure you communicate as working…

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