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Father’s Guide To Pregnancy, Birth and Mental Health

Father’s Guide To Pregnancy, Birth and Mental Health Dad Hacks Dads life with a newborn can be hectic .. these are a few quick tips based on questions I get asked frequently. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, no one knows everything all of the time, please feel free to DM me for any guidance or support. What I know now I learnt by experience and you will to, but while it’s all new rather than worrying just ask someone who has been through it before. Just know baby will LOVE YOU DONT BE HARD ON YOURSELF. 1. Communication is key, talk to each other maintain that bond you have, laugh together and ust enjoy the early days. 2. Ask your partner “how are you feeling?” And “What can I do to help” 3. Sleep deprivation is not good for either you try and help out at night if you can. 4. Help with everyday tasks where you can, do as much as you can. 5. No matter how baby is being fed you can still be involved, you can help your partner getting comfortable and helping with positions for breastfeeding. If bottle fed you can help prepare bottles and…

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