As your birth edges ever closer, getting packing your hospital bag becomes top of the list. This task is often described as one of those moments that makes the idea of birth and parenthood feel very “real”. When I worked as a midwife, one of the commonly asked questions at the 36 week appointment was, “what should I pack in my hospital bag? Do you have a hospital bag checklist?”. Beyond that I also saw many birthing families come and go. Some would come armed with 3 or 4 ginormous cases of which the majority were never used. Others arrived with so little that it inevitably became someone’s job to “pop back” to collect whatever it was that they needed. Almost like goldilocks in the tale of the three bears, you want be somewhere in the middle of these 2 stories. You want to be equipped with the right amount of stuff that is both relevant and useful. With these 3 top tips (and a bonus at the end) this article will help you on the way to feeling confident that you have the packed the best bag for your hospital stay.   1. Colour Code Your Bags Typically, you…

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