My baby boy Adam Gordon was born via a scheduled c-section. He was breech and I feel like I tried everything to flip him, including yoga, handstands in the lake, accupuncture, and chiropractic. I went in for an ECV around 36 weeks and it was unsafe to try as his bum was very low in my pelvis. My amniotic fluid was on the lower end of normal, and the placenta was in the way to flip him, so the doctor recommended against trying it as the risks outweighed the benefits. We discussed options of a scheduled c-section or attempting a vaginal breech delivery. As much as I had planned, hoped, and prepared for a vaginal birth with no epidural, we ultimately decided a scheduled c-section would be the safest and less possible traumatic option for both of us, as this is my first baby. I grieved for a few days and felt sad that I possibly wouldn’t be able to go into labour, and the procedures included in the c-section had me feeling nervous, and I was unsure about the recovery and upset I wouldn’t be able to do things with my baby right away. I made a birth plan…

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