Research Study

Our 8 week study is currently open for enrolment.

If you are pregnant, or are the partner/support person of someone who is, you are eligible for this study.

You get free support from a range of professionals including a midwife, nutritionist, lactation consultant, lawyer, and expert in paternal mental health.

Do you want to reduce morning sickness and wish there was a nutritionist on hand to provide answers? Or perhaps you want to learn about you and your partners leave options in an accessible, easy to understand format? Or maybe you simply want your questions answered without having to wait for your next midwifery appointment? All of this (and much more) will be available to you. 

In exchange, we will ask you to complete 3 short questionnaires. One at the beginning, one in the middle, and one at the end of the study.

Sound good? Register your interest by submitting your email and due date in the pop up form that will appear when you scroll to the end of this page or by subscribing to our newsletter.

Still unsure? Scroll down to meet our experts and read about the science.


Meet the Experts

Emma Gasking

Hi, I’m Emma, a registered midwife and the CEO and founder of The Parent Education Company.

My goal is to provide you with a safe, reliable, and comprehensive environment to learn in, along with all of the tools and support you need to feel empowered, prepared, and completely confident on your journey to becoming a parent.

Katie Angotti

My interest in nutrition started at school with my Food Technology A Level and the focus in the press at the time on the poor quality of school meals (thank you Jamie Oliver!). I went on to study for a BSc degree in Public Health Nutrition and my passion for public health and paediatric nutrition grew. I’ve specialised in nutrition during this first 1000 days period ever since. I’m passionate about nutrition, and a proud member of the Association for Nutrition, the Faculty of Public Health and the Royal Society of Public Health – meaning you can trust that the information I give is evidence-based. I am committed to continually improving my practice and am currently studying for an MSc in Public Health. I’ve worked in the NHS with families of babies and young children, supporting parents with weaning, fussy eating and family meals, as well as developing nutrition programmes for nurseries, children’s centres and schools.

If you’re looking for a trusted professional, make sure you use an Association for Nutrition Registered Nutritionist.


Ros McFadden
Lactation Consultant

I am a registered midwife (RM) and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). I am the founder of The Breastfeeding Hub Ltd., a mindful breastfeeding practitioner, and qualified to teach the 3-step rewind process to those suffering from trauma or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). I left my role as an infant feeding lead midwife for the NHS in 2018 and have been practising privately ever since. I have four children and breastfed them all with varying degrees of success.  I am a guest lecturer for The Buckingham University Medical School, runs my own classes, and have been recognised for my work as an entrepreneur with various awards: the SME Business Awards, Bright Spark Awards, Great British Entrepreneur Awards, and was a finalist in the Women Leaders Awards.

Lucy Wheeler

Lucy Legal specialise in supporting entrepreneurs with the legal elements of running their businesses. A large majority of the Lucy Legal client base are women and so, we are also on hand to provide support and guidance on the legal rights for new parents. Our training and the supporting notes [with The Parent Education Company] have been created to support you with the information you need and the key dates and timeframes to be aware of throughout your pregnancy.

Scott Mair
Expert in Paternal Mental Health

My name is Scott. I am a husband, Veteran, dad to 7 boys and founder of PMH Support. I set up PMH Support after experiencing paternal mental Ill health after traumatic events during deliveries of 3 of my boys. Which left me with PTSD and anxiety.

There was no awareness or real support I could find so I set up PMH support to promote awareness and educate parents on parental mental health while also offering parenting hints and tips I have picked up a lot of my 18 years of parenting.

  I work locally and nationally speaking to expectant parents at antenatal classes and consult on ways to support dads/partners. I am a member of the Paternal Mental Health Alliance, peer to peer leader trained, team member of the Perinatal M H training CIC and a qualified Beyond Birth Mental Wellbeing Practitioner.

The Science

We are going to be exploring three key themes around parental self efficacy, support, and language.

Or, in other words, looking at the question “how does this hub, and the support that this hub provides through its range of experts, make a difference to the women and families that use it?”.

We know that at least 1 in 5 people experience mental health illness either in pregnancy or in the first year of their child’s life. We also know that providing support can improve health, experiences, and outcomes during the transition into parenthood, and our research aims to add to this body of evidence.

We will be running the study as a randomised control trial, so the group will be randomly split in two, with one half having access to the hub for the entire 8 weeks, and one having access for 4 weeks. We are doing it this way as this is seen as the Gold Standard of research methods and we want our results to be both of a high quality and really useful.

With quality in mind, we are working with a fantastic researcher, Stella Alexandrova, from the University of Liverpool who is currently completing her PhD. 

If you would like to be a part of this study, please submit your details in the pop up form that will appear when you scroll to the bottom of this page or subscribe to the newsletter.

Still unsure? Scroll down to meet our researcher and hear what others have to say about our hub.

Stella E. Alexandrova
Researcher at The Parent Education Company and PhD student at University of Liverpool.

In working on this research project, I hope to help parents feel more confident and prepared for
parenthood and better understand parental learning.
On previous research projects I looked into social structures as well as agreements and
disagreements of divergent social groups. I have a bachelors in Combined Social Sciences, a Masters
in Media, Journalism and Globalisation and I am currently a Sociology PhD student at University of

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