Community Guidelines

Here at The Parent Education Company our mission is to provide individuals and families with support, education, and community as they make the transition into parenthood. In line with this, our core values are:


We strive to be reliable and honest to everyone, in all that we do.


To foster an environment that cares and supports all members, all the time, not only when its easy.


To give everyone the tools they need to feel confident and strong in themselves and their actions as parents, caregivers, and teachers.


For everyone to feel welcome, including every type of family wherever they are on their journey.


To show empathy and be absent of judgment, so that you can understand one another’s perspectives.

These core values are particularly important to us as they help us to ensure that everyone who is a part of our community has a professional, useful, and positive experience whilst on our site. Plus, working in a way that aligns with these values creates a wonderful environment that then naturally exudes more of the same, or in other words, enables more individuals and families to get the support, education, and community that they want on their journey from bump to birth and beyond.

Therefore, for the protection of our members and to ensure that our hub remains a professional, safe, and honest space, anyone who is seen to be in violation of, or unaligned with, our core values will be removed from the site, have their question(s) or comment(s) removed, and have their subscription cancelled without notice.

If you have any questions about this, or wish to discuss these guidelines further, then please email