As a male this situation is very passive (in my opinion) as you are there to support your partner as she brings your child into the world that she carried for both of you for so long. During this time, you feel hopeless, useless, wrong, incompetent… Need I go on? LOL. For my daughter’s mother it was a hard birth, 24 hours in labour. During that time, I stayed awake while she slept to keep her calm (intermittently I might add, as sleeping was almost impossible whilst in labour). When my daughter came into the world with a full head of jet-black hair, I was a mess of emotion for numerous reasons. I was holding my partners hand and then suddenly she had to be rushed into surgery as she lost a lot of blood during the birth due to complications. I was then told to take my shirt off and have a skin to skin moment with my child (I was not told about this before) I did not ask any questions and the top came off. I sat down and held my daughter feeling so blessed that I would be the parent to do this first. I sat…

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