Knowing what is OK to eat and drink during pregnancy is a steep learning curve as it is (anyone else surprised by the potential of raw egg in some homemade chocolate mousse?!) but over Christmas it gets even more challenging. This guide is here to help you feel confident in your food and beverage choices, giving you one less thing to worry about over the Christmas period. Let’s begin with drinks, from making the obvious switch from cocktails to mocktails and choosing alcohol free bubbles and wines, did you know eggnog is a bit like chocolate mousse? If it is homemade it is likely to contain raw egg. Some shop bought alcohol free eggnog will contain egg that has been pasteurised and is therefore safe to have however some fresh or homemade versions may well contain raw egg. This is one best avoided if you aren’t 100% sure how it has been made (we will cover eggs in more detail later in this article). Whilst on the subject of alcohol, unfortunately homemade sauces at Christmas often contain an alcohol such as brandy or sherry. The safest approach with sauces is to avoid them, make your own alcohol free versions, or…

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